Approximate reasoning on Bayesian nonparametrics

[Here is a call for a special issue on Bayesian nonparametrics, edited by Alessio Benavoli , Antonio Lijoi and Antonietta Mira, for an Elsevier journal I had never heard of previously:]

The International Journal of Approximate Reasoning is pleased to announce a special issue on “Bayesian Nonparametrics”. The submission deadline is *December 1st*, 2015.

The aim of this Special Issue is twofold. First, it is to give a broad overview of the most popular models used in BNP and their application in
Artificial Intelligence, by means of tutorial papers. Second, the Special Issue will focus on theoretical advances and challenging applications of BNP with special emphasis on the following aspects:

  • Methodological and theoretical developments of BNP
  • Treatment of imprecision and uncertainty with/in BNP methods
  • Formal applications of BNP methods to novel applied problems
  • New computational and simulation tools for BNP inference.

6 Responses to “Approximate reasoning on Bayesian nonparametrics”

  1. I understand that Elsevier is supposed to be the greatest Dutch evil this side of wearing orange, but I’ve got to say that my experience with them and other commercial publishing houses has been uniformly positive (the same cannot be said for society journals). They are, of course, of varying quality, but the good ones are very good. As for this one, it’s got a name like a scam journal, but it seems to be quite decent. (Although it does seem an odd fit for a special issue on BNP)

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