copyright antiques and antics…

Handwritten notes by E. GaloisI just cannot understand why publishers persist in requesting from us authors copyright agreements and even less  handwritten copyright forms that have to be sent back to them instead of via a simple email agreement or at least an electronic form. And because I cannot fill most those forms on line, it annoys me no end if only because it involves several physical steps, hence wasting my time. It would be just so easy to set an electronic copyright agreement if the publishers were under any form of pressure to do so. Hence I encourage everyone (sharing this irk!) to return a reply like the following one to each copyright request:

…why should I waste time printing, filling, scanning, and sending back this form in an era when electronic forms and signatures do exist and are accepted for legal matters? Commercial publishers request such paper antiques because they cannot be pressured into creating the proper electronic medium to handle copyright transfers.

One Response to “copyright antiques and antics…”

  1. update: Elsevier sent me a copyright agreement for my discussion in the Journal of Mathematical Psychology that was 100% on-line, so there is hope!

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