do cartoons help?

I received a (mass) email from Taylor & Francis about creating a few cartoons related to recent papers… As in the example above about the foot strike of Kilian Jornet. With a typo on Font-Romeu. Apart from the authors themselves, and maybe some close relatives!, I have trouble seeing the point of this offer, as cartoons are unlikely to attract academic readers interested in the contents of the paper.

3 Responses to “do cartoons help?”

  1. As much as I like the idea of the journal paying for an illustrator’s services (my wife is an illustrator) I suspect a better use of money (if impact graphics are to be bought) would be to get some eye-catching infographics made! a la

  2. The cartoon guy’s gait and form sure appears to be bad.

    — And even if I’m wrong in my view of the cartoon guy’s form, the point still stands. I think his form is bad so the data must be bad too.

    • I thought the same when seeing the cartoon, that I never saw a runner running that way, even less a trail runner…! But then this picture of Kilian Jornet proved me wrong. It looks as if the illustrator went “Kilian Jornet” on Google images and picked the most iconic ones.

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