snapshot from Montréal [Xi’an series]

3 Responses to “snapshot from Montréal [Xi’an series]”

  1. You never know when you’re going to learn something new.

    I had never seen the word ‘小吃’ (xiaochi) before. Calling it a “restaurant” is a bit inflated. More like a snack bar from the name. How fancy was it?

    • I did not even see this restaurant, the picture was sent to me by Michael Bétancourt!

      • I’ve noticed the synonymy for a long time. But didn’t say anything.

        Xi’An is an ancient city in China. It’s the center of China in today’s map. Nine dynasty has settled and chosen Xi’An to be the capital, no other city has had that honor.

        It’s great food. I’ve tried all 3 chain restaurants in NYC. It’s meat inside a bun.

        I thought Betancourt left of Columbia, who did a great job with the STAN team.

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