sleeping late on Judgement Day [book review]

“…gorgeous carpets with repeating patterns of silver and gold sketched in silk threads, like John Coltrane blowing in full mathematical freefall, so intricate and charming…”

This is the third, latest (and last?) instalment in the Bobby Dollar series by Tad Williams. And much better than the second volume. Much much better. To the points that (i) I did not regret [too much] the heavy price I paid for it in Zürich airport, about twice the U.S. price to be precise, and (ii) I read the book within a few days, despite all kinds of pressing commitments. The rating of this sleeping late on Judgment Day almost equals the dirty streets of Heaven in my opinion. Which is not that surprising when considering it takes place in the same San Juan location and with mostly the same characters, demons and monsters… The plot is also a straight continuation of the earlier one, which is obviously brought to a partly surprising conclusion and not a completely-happy-ending [no further spoilers!]. Some new friendly characters are fantastic, while a new group of enemies make little sense in the overall picture. But this is the problem with this unique series involving the upper spheres and the lower circles: Everything is possible, while requiring no rational explanation! Obviously, there is a risk of over-exploiting this possibility, which occurs from time to time in the novel. Still, it remains a page turner with often funny dialogues and monologues. May the series now rest in peace!

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