internships for midnight sun [2016]

[Aki Vehtari asked me to post this announcement for internships next summer at Aalto Science Institute, Otaniemi, Finland. Otaniemi is around 10 km from Helsinki.]

The Aalto Science Institute internships program offers undergraduate students(at BSc level) the opportunity to participate first-hand in topical research,to interact with the premier research groups at Aalto University, and to network in an international environment. Positions are available in several fields of study ranging from nanotechnology and semiconductors to machine learning, data communications and human-computer interaction. AScI interns are usually hired for three months, and the typical training period is from 01 June until 31 August. The interns are employed by the departments of the School of Science and the School of Electrical Engineering, and the exact timing of the internship may be agreed with the hosting department. The incoming students are mentored throughout the stay by one of the professors affiliated with AScI. The priority for incoming AScI-internship positions is given to students who have not yet been studying or working at Aalto. AScI internship students will receive a salary which is sufficient to cover living costs such as accommodation. The salary is determined based on experience and qualifications according to the salary system of Aalto University for student interns. Minimum internship salary is 1450 €/ month.

Deadline for applications is 18 February 2016.

2 Responses to “internships for midnight sun [2016]”

  1. I know the campus well, such a delightful setting for learning!

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