not for the faint-hearted!

While flying over to Boston yesterday, I had a look at The Martian on my seat screen but this proved too much of a hardship: after watching the early self-surgery scene, which is definitely realistic and somewhat gory, I just fainted. Really and truly fainted, which means I came back to my senses being dragged on the plane floor by two Air France flight attendants!, hearing and seeing them but being unable to react for a dozen seconds. There was a doctor in the plane who checked upon me while I was coming back to my senses and his final advice was to stop watching this “kind of movies”, as if I knew I was going to faint from watching a  PG-13 movie… (It actually happened to me once earlier, in that I came close to fainting from watching The Last Temptation of Christ in Ithaca in the 80’s, while protesters were demonstrating outside the cinema.) Quite an embarrassment, frankly! And I did not even watch the rest of the movie…

2 Responses to “not for the faint-hearted!”

  1. eva22hay Says:

    I hope you’re feeling OK now. The self-surgery scene is indeed very graphic. However, I don’t think I remember it very much since I probably closed my eyes when it was shown on the big screen of the theatre.

  2. The rest of the movie is, as you know, apt for a five year old :) So on your way back, ask somebody to skip over the gory scene, as its a good movie overall. For example, as a rare case for movies, music is very well used. But then its mostly 70s disco music…

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