ABC in Helsinki & Stockholm [deadline looming]

abcruiseIn case you have not yet registered for ABC in Helsinki (a.k.a. ABCruise), registration is open for just another week, with the all-inclusive fees of 200 euros for trip, cabin, talks, and meals! When registering you need to buy first a ticket on the Aalto University web shop: at some point, distinguishing between “Maksa” which means pay, and “Peruuta” which means cancel, may help! The submission of ABC posters is also encouraged till May 1, with emails to be sent to abcinhelsinki on gmail.

2 Responses to “ABC in Helsinki & Stockholm [deadline looming]”

  1. ABCruise… je suis desole, mais c’est la c’est quand meme du grand n’importe quoi…

    • Objections: Ca coute beaucoup moins cher de loger les participants sur un bateau en basse saison qu’à Helsinki. Et en plus c’est dur de “sécher” un exposé sur un bateau..! Enfin, on peut rencontrer des chercheurs finlandais plus des chercheurs suédois. Que des points positifs.

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