asking for a rebate and getting it!

Following my discussion of Ron Gallant’s paper, I received an email from the Global Journal of Management And Business Research

I came across your research paper entitled, “Comment on: Reflections on the Probability Space Induced by Moment Conditions with Implications for Bayesian Inference” and feel that your research is having a very good impact.

With a view to beginning a fruitful, long-term association with you, I invite you to submit your upcoming research articles/papers for publication in the Global Journal of Management and Business Research (GJMBR), an international, double-blind, peer-reviewed research journal.

Global Journals Inc. (US) is well known – the leading fastest growing research publishing organization in the world. We encourage research activities all around the globe with online, 3D and print versions. We also follow an open journal system.

Dr. R. K. Dixit
Chief Author (Hon.)
(Fellow of Association of Research in Business)
Global Journals Incorporated

While I was not in the least interested in publishing in a journal of management and business, I went and check on the journal website for the small prints and in particular for the cost of publishing there, which was not mentioned in the email. Bingo! The publication charge is listed as $420 for a six page paper. I thus replied politely to this Dr. R.K. Dixit who does not seem to exist anywhere but as a signature for this journal (and neither does the mentioned association!) enquiring about whether publication were waived. The very next day I received a reply offering me a 50% rebate on the cost (which is supposed to cover referees’ fees and hard copy printing). Most revealing, in that getting even a mere $210 seems enough to make a profit for such predatory journals (referring to the list set by Jeffrey Beall).

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