my book available for a mere $1,091.50

As I was looking at a link to my Bayesian Choice book on Amazon, I found that one site offered it for the modest sum of $1,091.50, a very slight increase when compared with the reference price of $59.95… I do wonder at the reason (scam?) behind this offer as such a large price is unlikely to attract any potential buyer to the site. (Obviously, if you are interested by this price, feel free to contact me!)

5 Responses to “my book available for a mere $1,091.50”

  1. here’s a thorough analysis of why another book was 23000 times more valuable than yours (23 million $) at some point due to the magic of algorithmic pricing:

  2. Jay Wilson Says:

    Yeah, Ive seen that before. Saw one of my books marked up to $900 from 9.99. At first, I was flattered, but then I was quickly dissapointed by the truth haha

  3. David Draper Says:

    signed by the author for $1,091.50?

    throw in a bottle of Dom Perignon Oenotheque 1975 ?

    • Even for a Dom Perignon, this would be way too much… It is only champagne, David! But I am happy to sign the book and deliver it with a Dom Perignon 1975 if you insist!!!

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