Bayesian Essentials with R [book review]

[A review of Bayesian Essentials that appeared in Technometrics two weeks ago, with the first author being rechristened Jean-Michael!]

“Overall this book is a very helpful and useful introduction to Bayesian methods of data analysis. I found the use of R, the code in the book, and the companion R package, bayess, to be helpful to those who want to begin using  Bayesian methods in data analysis. One topic that I would like to see added is the use of Bayesian methods in change point problems, a topic that we found useful in a recent article and which could be added to the time series chapter. Overall this is a solid book and well worth considering by its intended audience.”
David E. BOOTH
Kent State University

5 Responses to “Bayesian Essentials with R [book review]”

  1. Have you read this review?
    I was interested in buying the kindle version, but now I’m in doubt.
    Do you have anything to add?

    • Dear Manoel, I had indeed seen this Amazon review. On the material side, I am sorry that the Kindle version does not work out. I contacted Springer about this and they state they cannot change the format, whatever that means. On the content side, the approach to time series is indeed very personal and idiosyncratic, and may hence not sound general enough for some readers. Considering more general time series would have required to introduce (advanced) particle filter algorithms. We did not want to add this level of complexity. Best, Christian

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