Matlab goes deep [learning]

deepearningsA most interesting link I got when reading Le Monde, about MatLab proposing deep learning tools…

5 Responses to “Matlab goes deep [learning]”

  1. I can’t seem to click on a link – is it just me?

  2. The link was left out because when you go to it, MatLab asks for personal information?

    I went to the link and dutifully provided the information. I wanted to understand what “Deep Learning” is. Of course we all want to be deep, as opposed to superficial. The designation, Deep Learning suggests a body of arcane knowledge which, in our time, translates into a resume enhancer. He whose ken is beyond that of ordinary men will be the one who will advance to the highest echelon. Another characteristic of catchy notions like Deep Learning is that it consists of a grab bag of trendy subjects which have, in turn, been also given enchanting names: neural networks, machine learning, autoencoding, etc. I don’t think I’m the first to point out that this ability to engage onlookers with mythologizing language has been one of the distinctive characteristics of AI since its inception. I refer the reader to Roger Penrose’s The Emperors New Mind, Hubert Dreyfus’ What Computer Still Can’t Do, to name two of a variety of books that attempt to show the essential vacuousness of AI’s strong claims. Now this is not to say these beguiling subjects are not useful and worthy of study but perhaps that the true test or truth is modesty.

  3. yes, but you have obviously forgotten to include the link…

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