Mada Tsatsaka

Along with other students of the Paris-Sud Medical School, our daughter is planning a humanitarian trip to Madagascar next summer, following a long-term tradition in her school with groups sent to Madagascar as well as Vietnam, Peru and Nepal. The project is called Mada Tsatsaka, mada for Madagascar and tsatsaka for a local lizard. They plan to bring basic drugs and educational material and to work in a dispensary, an orphanage, as well as a shelter for women victims of violence. They have been now working for several months at meeting the budget for this project, from selling pies and quiches on local markets (I helped with the quiches!) to wrapping gifts at supermakets all around, to engaging local authorities and charities, but are still far from reaching this goal.

I thus bring this project to the ‘Og’s readers’ attention in case they wish to support. The best approach is use this donation form (in English) for Evadeh Mada Tsatsaka. A free of charge (!) alternative is to shop on following this associate link as I vouch to transfer all my associate gains in the next six months to the project.

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