Series B’log

Since the above announcement in the RSS newsletter a few months ago, about the Series B’log coming to life, I have received exactly zero comments from readers, despite several authors kindly contributing an extended abstract of their paper. And announcements to various societies…

Hence I now seriously wonder at the survival probability of the blog, given this collective lack of interest. It may be that the information did not reach enough people (despite my mentioning its existence on each talk I give abroad). It may be that the blog still sounds like “under construction”, in which case I’d like to hear suggestions to make it look more definitive! But overall I remain fairly pessimistic [even conditional on my Gallic gloom] about our chances of success with this experiment which could have turned every Series B paper into a potential discussion paper!

2 Responses to “Series B’log”

  1. Dear X’ian

    I must confess that, while you have mentioned the series b’log a few times before in your blog, I wasn’t sure exactly what it was supposed to be. I have since checked it out and it’s a great project ! I’ll try to advertise it around me to make it more popular.

    It might help to change slightly the organization of the home page of the b’log. Currently, all the content is hidden a few clicks away, and the first paragraph on the page makes it sound as if the website is still under development. It thus took me a minute to figure out:
    1. That there was content for me to look at
    2. How to reach that content.

    Maybe adding the latest blog entries in chronological order (or latest activity? If that is possible of course) to the front page would help readers understand that the b’log is up and running and full of interesting content.

    Keep up the good work !

    • Thanks Guillaume for the supporting words! The site is still under construction: I had started the blog with a chronological version, but this made commenting on new or (much) older papers a bit of a challenge, as I am still seeking a way to efficiently tag papers so that one can access all entries about this paper. Note that the more recent entries appear on the rhs, but this does not seem very visible, after all!!!

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