Xi’an cuisine [Xi’an series]

David Frazier sent me a picture of another Xi’an restaurant he found near the campus of Monash University. If this CNN webpage on the ten best dishes in Xi’an is to be believed, this will be a must-go restaurant for my next visit to Melbourne! Especially when reading there that Xi’an claims to have xiaolongbao (soup dumplings) that are superior to those in Shanghai!!! (And when considering that I once went on a xiaolongbao rampage in downtown Melbourne.

7 Responses to “Xi’an cuisine [Xi’an series]”

  1. Believe it or not, here in Westford MA, we have a great Xi’an noodle shop – https://sites.google.com/site/geneschineseflatbreadcafe/menu
    And the dumplings are wonderful.

  2. They knocked off the name of the one in NY:


    Matt Hoffman lived directly above the original branch in the East Village when he developed NUTS. His comment about it was something like, “I find it hard to walk further than a step or two for food with Xi’an downstairs.” It’s quite inexpensive, fast, and tasty noodles or sandwiches with lots of chili, Szechuan pepper, and cumin.

    When you visit NY, we can take you to the one on Broadway below Columbia — it’s one of Michael Betancourt’s favorite lunch spots. We’d probably eat there every day if it wasn’t a 15 block walk from our offices.

    P.S. I had originally thought your blog title was a reference to the Chinese city Xi’an!

    P.P.S. The shop sells t-shirts!

    • Ha! You got me convinced there, Bob. Especially the t-shirt part!!! (Last time I visited Andrew, he took me by bike to a fabulous Mexican carnitas, El Atoradero, in South Bronx. Which soft tacos make a sort of link with Xi’an burgers!)

    • Michael is actually the one who sent me the picture of the Montréal Xi’an restaurant! And the Xian pseudonym comes from Indiana, when I finally understood the meaning of Deer Xing road-signs on my way to Purdue…

  3. Dan Simpson Says:

    I very much hope that’s the same Xi’an Famous Food chain that’s in New York. Because there’s is the best food. (There’s one on 103 and Broadway if you’re ever visiting Columbia. Also one in the east village if your ever visiting NYU. Really a great win for statistics in New York)

    • Thanks Dan. It may be a while before I visit New York again [as I’ll more likely end up in York!], but I’ll keep your (and Bob’s) link in mind.

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