LaTeX issues from Vienna

When working on the final stage of our edited handbook on mixtures, in Vienna, I came across unexpected practical difficulties! One was that by working on Dropbox with Windows users, files and directories names suddenly switched from upper case to lower cases letters !, making hard-wired paths to figures and subsections void in the numerous LaTeX files used for the book. And forcing us to change to lower cases everywhere. Having not worked under Windows since George Casella gave me my first laptop in the mid 90’s!, I am amazed that this inability to handle both upper and lower names is still an issue. And that Dropbox replicates it. (And that some people see that as a plus.)

The other LaTeX issue that took a while to solve was that we opted for one chapter one bibliography, rather than having a single bibliography at the end of the book, mainly because CRC Press asked for this feature in order to sell chapters individually… This was my first encounter with this issue and I found the solutions to produce individual bibliographies incredibly heavy handed, whether through chapterbib or bibunits, since one has to bibtex one .aux file for each chapter. Even with a one line bash command,

for f in bu*aux; do bibtex `basename $f .aux`; done

this is annoying in the extreme!

7 Responses to “LaTeX issues from Vienna”

  1. What does it have to do with Windows?

    It is something with DropBox application.

    Actually, using LaTeX on both Windows and Linux I find the combination of TeXStudio + MiKTeX on windows to be the easiest.

    Moreover, OneDrive is much better than DropBox.

    • When working with OS on Linux and Mac, this confusion between lower and upper cases never happened to me.

      • Well, Each OS has its own set of rules.

        It is the issue with DropBox application when Syncing the data not to follow the proper rules of Windows.

        DropBox application did something you didn’t want it to do and it did it as it was designed to behave like that not because of a limitation of Windows.

        Windows is Case Insensitive by design.
        Some will find it a poor choice others will find a good choice.
        Yet it doesn’t enforce you to use lower case which is what DropBox did.

        Really, for Cloud Based files on Windows, work with OneDrive.
        It is much much better integrated into the system.

  2. What does single-chaptering do to cross-chapter references??

  3. Dan Simpson Says:

    It means nothing to me #vienna (sorry. Ultravox

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