Jayanta Kumar Ghosh [1937-2017]

Just head from Sonia and Judith that our friend and fellow Bayesian Jayanta K Ghosh (জয়ন্ত কুমার ঘোষ in Bengali) has passed away a few days ago in Lafayette. He was a wonderful man, very kind to everyone and open for discussing all aspects of Bayesian theory and methodology. While he worked on many branches of statistics, he is more know to Bayesians for his contributions to Bayesian asymptotics. From Bernstein-von-Mises convergence theorems to frequentist validation of non-informative priors, to the Bayesian analysis of infinite dimensional problems, including consistency of posteriors and rates of convergence, and to Bayesian and Empirical Bayes model selection rules in high dimensional problems. He also wrote an introductory textbook on Bayesian Statistics ten years ago with Mohan Delampady and Tapas Samanta. And a monograph of higher order asymptotics. I knew from this summer that J K was quite sick and am quite sad to learn of his demise. He will be missed by all for his gentleness and by Bayesians for his contributions to the fields of objective and non-parametric Bayesian statistics…

3 Responses to “Jayanta Kumar Ghosh [1937-2017]”

  1. Yes, I have had similar experience with Prof. JKG. He was a brilliant man, but we have lost a truly great scientist.

  2. Sorry to hear this.

    He was very kind to me at a SAMSI meeting when I referred to methods for plotting likelihoods for individual observations. He asked me if I had a draft he could read because he thought something must be wrong with what I was suggesting. He told me the next day that he had read the draft and he could not find anything wrong in it.

    He spent his evening reading the draft rather than just challenging the idea and making me verbally justify it on my feet.

    Keith O’Rourke

    • Thank you Keith. I am not surprised at this example of his kindness as he was always going out of his way to understand others’ viewpoints and arguments.

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