what is your favorite teacher?

When Jean-Louis Foulley pointed out to me this page in the September issue of Amstat News, about nominating a favourite teacher, I told him it had to be an homonym statistician! Or a practical joke! After enquiry, it dawned on me that this completely underserved inclusion came from a former student in my undergraduate Estimation course, who was very enthusiastic about statistics and my insistence on modelling rather than mathematical validation. He may have been the only one in the class, as my students always complain about not seeing the point in slides with no mathematical result. Like earlier this week when after 90mn on introducing the bootstrap method, a student asked me what was new compared with the Glivenko-Cantelli theorem I had presented the week before… (Thanks anyway to David for his vote and his kind words!)

5 Responses to “what is your favorite teacher?”

  1. Je connais ce David Smadja ! Il était dans ma promotion. J’avais comme lui suivi votre cours d’Estimation Statistique (année 2014-2015). Et en effet, je dois vous avouer que vos slides n’avaient pas fait l’unanimité !

  2. Fabrizio Leisen Says:

    It’s funny because in Kent your slides would receive complaints for being too much mathematical!!! Some colleagues think I should teach Bayesian Statistics as a black-box device without showing how to derive simple posteriors (Poisson-Gamma, Normal-Normal, Beta-Binomial,etc). I kind of envy you! Very frustrating (for me).

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