Le Monde puzzle [open problem]

What should have been the last puzzle in Le Monde competition turned out to be an anticlimactic fizzle on how many yes-no questions are needed to identify an integer between 1 and 1025=2¹⁰+1 and an extension to replies possibly being lies

What is much more exciting is that voting puzzle #1021 got cancelled because the authors of this puzzle thought the cascading majority rule would produce the optimal solution and it does not! (As exhibited by my R code.) So here is an open problem to ponder about! (And another puzzle in the pipeline to complete the competition.)

2 Responses to “Le Monde puzzle [open problem]”

  1. Jean-Louis FOULLEY Says:

    Right. Not terribly exciting this question! A typical one would have been: how many people attended (at least one answer) this contest?

  2. Le Monde added a final question to separate ex-aequos, which is not a mathematical question: what are your favourite puzzles [from 1001 to 1026]? And what are the favourite questions among the players? Not mathematical and hardly aesthetical.

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