A big problem in our community

Like Pierre, after reading Kristian’s courageous wake-up call, I was thinking of waiting a few days before blogging on the fundamental problem this harrowing story of hers exposes, while moving to actively make ISBA safe, along with Kerrie Mengersen and other members, especially j-ISBA. So in the meanwhile, here is Pierre’s blog entry that I completely endorse, with an additional feeling of failed responsibility as a senior man and president of ISBA:


5edacba28521a18b3b6ad0d53a7622b7 “Tout va très bien”, meaning “all is well”, by Franquin.

Hi all,

Kristian Lum, who was already one of my Statistics superheroes for hermanyinterestingpapers and great talks, bravely wrote the following text about her experience as a young statistician going to conferences:


I can’t thank Kristian enough for speaking out. Her experience is both shocking and hardly surprising. Many, many academics report similar stories. This simply can’t go on like that.

I happen to have gone to the conferences mentioned by Kristian, and my experience as a young man was completely different. It was all about meeting interesting people, discussing ideas, being challenged, and having good times. Nobody harassed, touched or assaulted me. There was some flirting, as I guess is natural when hundreds of people are put in sunny places far away from home, but I was never the victim of any misconduct or…

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2 Responses to “A big problem in our community”

  1. Brunero LISEO Says:

    We should really do something and soon. To hear that a young woman leaves the community for these reasons is absolutely not acceptable

    • Completely in agreement, Brunero, something need be done. Kerrie has started a Task Force to produce actions towards safer environments for all at ISBA conferences. All suggestions are welcome.

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