dress down for ISBA 2018!

In  preparation for the ISBA meeting next June in Edinburgh, I bought a kilt! (A cheap acrylic version of the real thing, sold by a company called Tartinista. As shown next, when getting ready for a night-out at a Kenilworth curry restaurant by bearable if sub-zero temperatures, the tartan of the kilt is Black Watch, for a Highland Regiment.)

Although I do not foresee a huge follow-up (!), I’d still like to suggest we all wear kilts at the conference, both as a celebration of Scotland and as a gender neutral support for an all-inclusive ISBA. [Needless to say (?), let me stress here this is a purely personal initiative, with no backup whatsoever from Visit Scotland, the ISBA Exec, from the Program Committee, from the Local Organising Committee, or from safeISBA!]


11 Responses to “dress down for ISBA 2018!”

  1. Dan Simpson Says:

    Wearing men’s clothes from a culture you don’t belong to is not the show of support you think it is. (Also if you’ve been to a rowdy Burn’s night or thought about the context, you’d probably notice that easy access to genitals is not a positive feature.)

    • Ah, a perfect opportunity to express my befuddlement at the concept of cultural (mis)appropriation. Indeed I just cannot grasp why on Earth I cannot enjoy a custom or costume partaken by some of my fellow humans simply because I cannot establish the “right” genetic stock. Which “authority” is going to decide where I belong and where I do not belong?! (And the second part of the comment just strikes me as being plain sexist.)

      • Dan Simpson Says:

        I’m happy to disagree on the first part (my opinion is that if you’re of a dominant culture it’s polite to wait to be invited). It also wasn’t a critique of a person deciding to wear a kilt so much as a suggestion for doing so as a (group) act of solidarity.

        On the second I’ve been in rooms with enough drunk men in kilts who don’t ordinarily wear to be concerned that it’s probably not a stunningly good suggestion for a conference with a serious sexual harassment problem. I have no problem having a low opinion of men in this particular context (no matter how sexist that seems to you).

      • The question remains, though! Who is to decide I belong or not or just invite me? (As it happens, although I do not want to turn it into an argument!, I first had a chat with a local about the kilt purchase, enquiring about his opinion. Which was unreservedly positive.)

      • As someone who attends many events involving kilts, I have (thankfully) never had a problem with anyone exposing themselves to me. Perhaps I just manage to avoid the particularly rowdy/drunken ceilidhs?

        Walking through Newcastle at night, my conclusion is that’s the drunken part of the event that’s the problem. Not the clothing.

      • Thanks, Colin, for the comment. I completely agree that drunken is the problem!

  2. Georges Henry Says:

    La question posee pqr la reine Victoria a propos du kilt reste d’actualite.

  3. telescoper Says:

    Where’s yer sporran?

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