Springer no more!

Just learned that, starting from tomorrow night, I will not have access to any of the Springer journals, as the negotiations between the consortium of French universities, research institutes, higher educations schools, and museums, failed. The commercial published refusing to stem the ever increasing fees, while happily taking in the fast increasing open access fees it pressures from authors, a unique example of triple taxation (researchers’ salaries, open access duties, and enormous non-negotiable subscription rates for the whole package of journals)… Following their German counterparts. Well, this is an opportunity for the boards of all these journals to withdraw and create the phantom version of their formal journal, evaluating and reviewing papers already available on arXiv! And I should definitely get my acts together, rise from my winter-is-coming lethargy, and launch PCI Comput Stat now!!!

2 Responses to “Springer no more!”

  1. Unfortunately, senior scientists as you seem not to bother about such issues on the whole, unless one is directly and negatively affected. As a PhD student and more recently, as a postdoc, I was having countless arguments on scholarly publishing. In a hierarchical and conservative environment such as academia, the influence of PhDs and postdocs is very limited though. One is always risking one’s own career by not publishing in the “right” and respected journal with the right, well yes, impact factors. The times when publishers where really creating value through providing distribution channels for good science are long over. Nowadays they just bill for services that are exclusively done and handled by the publicly funded community. It is now up to all senior scientists with permanent contracts to change that. Top down. That means neither submitting nor reviewing for those journals, and immediately resigning from all editorial board roles.

    • Actually, at a personal level, I do not feel particularly affected by this closure of Springer journal subscriptions! If you can spare the time, maybe you could check on this blog this notion of PCIs I have been supporting in the past year.

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