ISBA code of conduct [open to discussion]

After many electronic meetings and as numerous consultations with lawyers and other legal experts, the safeISBA committee has come up with a code of conduct that covers all ISBA activities and applies to all members. Just in time for the ISBA 2018 meeting next month in Edinburgh. And all satellite and subsequent ISBA sponsored ones. The document is available on-line for everyone to peruse and discuss. There will be round-table sessions to this purpose in Edinburgh. And hopefully no opportunity for having to implement the proposed disciplinary options… (Comments, complaints, testimonies, concerns, and suggestions can also be sent to our dedicated account safeisba at the standard email address.)

3 Responses to “ISBA code of conduct [open to discussion]”

  1. “Zeal is very blind, or badly regulated, when it encroaches upon the rights of others.” Pasquier Quesnel (1634-1719).

    >Standards of Conduct —
    >Members of ISBA and other participants at ISBA activities will not:
    >Clause 17: Fail to participate as requested, or retaliate against anyone because of their participation, in an ISBA conduct review carried out under the ISBA Code of Conduct Procedures.

    Sorry, but this sounds or looks (to me) way to strong!
    An old Brazilian proverb states:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    Clause 17 would be in the wish list of any secret-police, state-security, or similar organization. If a case ever reaches the point where people have to be compelled to collaborate by Clause 17, it should be turned to civil authorities (I am assuming a democratic state). ISBA officials should not have (in my humble opinion) this kind of investigative function nor have powers even close to those given by Clause 17.

    • Maybe just a matter of wording, no?!

      • Just a matter of wording? Semantics or Intentional Modalities?
        I don’t know the answer.

        If we are limited by “the written code”, this is an hermeneutic question. We have to access what “the legislator” (those who wrote Clause 17) “really meant”.

        Perhaps, better would be to have an open discussion of what we (ISBA community) want, and write the code accordingly.

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