severe testing or severe sabotage? [not a book review]

Last week, I received this new book of Deborah Mayo, which I was looking forward reading and annotating!, but thrice alas, the book had been sabotaged: except for the preface and acknowledgements, the entire book is printed upside down [a minor issue since the entire book is concerned] and with some part of the text cut on each side [a few letters each time but enough to make reading a chore!]. I am thus waiting for a tested copy of the book to start reading it in earnest!


4 Responses to “severe testing or severe sabotage? [not a book review]”

  1. Please save the sabotaged book Christian–I’d very much like to have it and will swap for a non-currupt hardcover.

  2. What how can this be? Talk of being poorly tested. Nobody else has mentioned any such anomaly! I assume they are sending you a corrected copy?

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