Gene Wolfe (1931-2019)

Just found out that the writer Gene Wolfe, author of the unique New Sun series (and many other masterpieces) had passed away two weeks ago. (The Guardian has a detailed obituary covering his life and oeuvres. Where I learned that he developed the Pringle’s machine for Procter and Gamble, something he can be pardoned for his other achievements!) The style of the New Sun series is indeed unique, complex, carefully designed, crafted in a very refined and beautiful language (missing the translation of the more appropriate langue), and requires commitment from the reader as the story never completely unfolds and sets all details straight, with characters rarely if ever to be taken at face value, making me feel the urge to re-read the book once I was finishing its last page. Which I never did, actually, and should consider, indeed!

3 Responses to “Gene Wolfe (1931-2019)”

  1. Emmanuel Charpentier Says:


    Isn’t the name of the person you report about Gens Wolfe (with a final “e”) ? That’s th spelling I alwas saw (and the ione used in the Guardian obituary).

    Just sayin’…

  2. Nate Pope Says:

    I could not agree more — he had a wonderful way of maintaining an unresolved mystery and fundamental uncertainty throughout the narrative, but without being frustrating or self-indulgent. Truly a unique writer. While nowhere near as good as Book of the New Sun, the related but distinct Book of the Long Sun is also weird, puzzling, and brilliant (if you have not already read it). Also interesting is “the Night Land” by WH Hodgson — a clear influence on BotNS — which (although cumbersome and awkwardly executed) has a rather amazing vision, especially in the context of 1912 when it was written

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