another terrible graph

3 Responses to “another terrible graph”

  1. Agreed.

    Perhaps related, perhaps not, but this one makes me think of them: I do not like treemap visualizations. I’m not sure how they should be interpreted. And I distrust the idea of conveying quantities by areas which, in other contexts, viewers are bad at doing:,_2016.svg

  2. This one seems terrible mainly for its implications? It’s likely of course that historical ATUS data might not give a true picture of the kind of constrained activity that we have at present. But still, if the numbers are even *roughly* correct, this tells us pretty clearly that a policy of “work from home or be furloughed/unemployed” will severely disadvantage those who are already disadvantaged. The long-term societal effects of coronavirus could be terrible indeed.

    • I found it terrible for its cartoonesque aspects. As the impact on different ranges of incomes and advantages could have been translated in much clearer terms. Obviously, the data behind is nothing to laugh about…

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