quarantined by slideshare

Just found out that SlideShare has closed my account for “violating SlideShare Terms of Service”! As I have no further detail (and my xianblog account is inaccessible) I have contacted SlideShare to get an explanation for this inexplicable cancellation and hopefully (??) can argue my case. If not the hundred plus slide presentations that were posted there and linked on the ‘Og will become unavailable. I seem to remember this happened to me once before so maybe there is hope to invert the decision presumably made by an AI using the wrong prior or algorithm!

5 Responses to “quarantined by slideshare”

  1. I want to believe it as a result of a technical glitch due to the management of the service being moved from LinkedIn to Scribd…

    • Yes, I agree : I see no personal dark motive in this action, but rather the result of a generic algorithm, poorly calibrated to react to high volume, or large images, or whatever. Unless the “norse farce” logo was considered as a copyright infraction?!?!

    • Contact established: I received a first email from SlideShare/LinkedIn yesterday.

  2. I certainly would protest. If it can happen to you, it can happen to anyone. It also appears to be completely arbitrary. They should give a detailed explanation.

    • After inquiring further with Linkedin, owner of SlideShare, it appears that this is not an algorithm rampaging through slide but a real human complaining to them about my 2011 course slides on Jaynes’ Probability Theory. As a result of filling a Counter-Notice, my account has been reinstated, minus the said slides. While these slides contain quotes from Jaynes’ book, most obviously, it is such a low percentage that it makes no sense to see it as Copyright Infringement. The more because the pdf file of the book is available online.

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