Holmes alone

From reading a rather positive review in The New York Times (if less in The Guardian, which states that it all rattles along amiably enough!), and my love of everything Holmes (if not as much as George Casella!), I watched Enola Holmes almost as soon as it came out on Netflix. While the film was overall pleasant, with great acting from the main actress Millie Bobby Brown, I found quite light and missing in scenario (mystery? sleuthing? forking paths?) and suspense. Which is not that surprising given that it is adapted from a young adult book. (Making me laugh at the PG-13 label!) And rather anachronistic in depicting the free-spirited Enola, roving Victorian London as a modern teenager, masquerading like her famous older brother, and mastering jiu jitsu. I was also disappointed in the low key appearance of  Helena Bonham Carter as an (obviously) unconventional mother and a bomb throwing suffragette… Nothing to compare with the superlative reworkings of Wells’ stories by Benedict Cumberbatch. As a side anecdote, I read a few days later that the Arthur Conan Doyle estate is suing the film makers for presenting an emotional Sherlock!

4 Responses to “Holmes alone”

  1. Wells?

  2. I started watching Cumberbatch’s Holmes while in the hospital. And somewhat sedated by pain killers, so maybe this impacted my appreciation! What I like in the series is the imperfection of the character, more than the (ab)use of modern technology, although it obviously makes sense that 2010 Holmes would be more a computer geek than a first class chemist.

  3. I love Holmes and Benedict Cumberbatch’s version, although I also miss Jeremy Brett. I was intrigued by Enola’s prospect, as Wood sketched in the LRB. I’ll probably still give it a go, even if, as Wood and you warn, there’s not much detection.

    Glad you like Cumberbatch. A number of Holmes fans didn’t, and I never understood that.

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