ABC not in Svalbard [this time!]

Alas, thrice alas!, there will be no one attending the ABC in Svalbard in Svalbard  next April. As the travel conditions to and around Norway are getting tougher, it is just too unrealistic to expect traveling to the Far North even from Oslo. Too bad, but hopefully there will be another opportunity in a near enough future…

However, don’t give up the fight!, the mirror meetings in Brisbane and Grenoble are still planned to take place, along with an on-line version accommodating most of the speakers invited so far. Anyone interested in holding another mirror meeting?! Please contact me.

2 Responses to “ABC not in Svalbard [this time!]”

  1. my understanding that the event is not open to contributed talks. Is this the case?

    • The “global” workshop (shared by all mirrors!) will keep to a few number of invited talks indeed, but the mirror sites are certainly open to contributed talks (if favouring on-site delivery). These “local” talks will also be recorded. Any chance of running a mirror?!

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