data assimilation and reduced modelling for high-D problems [CIRM]

Next summer, from 19 July till 27 August, there will be a six week program at CIRM on the above theme, bringing together scientists from both the academic and industrial communities. The program includes a one-week summer school followed by 5 weeks of research sessions on projects proposed by academic and industrial partners.

Confirmed speakers of the summer school (Jul 19-23) are:

  • Albert Cohen (Sorbonne University)
  • Masoumeh Dashti (University of Sussex)
  • Eric Moulines (Ecole Polytechnique)
  • Anthony Nouy (Ecole Centrale de Nantes)
  • Claudia Schillings (Mannheim University)

Junior participants may apply for fellowships to cover part or the whole stay. Registration and application to fellowships will be open soon.

3 Responses to “data assimilation and reduced modelling for high-D problems [CIRM]”

  1. […] including students’ participation. It will of course depend on whether conference centres like CIRM reopen before the end of June. And if enough people see some appeal in this endeavour. In the […]

  2. Gerard Letac Says:

    Programme tres vague pour l’instant: contenu des cours, et comment remplir les cinq autres semaines?

    • C’est un programme long qui a lieu tous les étés et où des groupes de chercheurs viennent avec un projet pour travailler (fort agréablement!) sur site : selon le site, “5-week research session [is] on projects proposed by academic scientists and/or industrial partners”…

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