why should I pay $350 for an on-line conference?!

Last year, I was invited to the SIAM-CSE20 conference for a session on ABC, in München, and was about ready to leave when the conference was posponed for pandemic reasons. My hotel in Garching charged me the entire stay, Danke sehr!,  and I am uncertain about having been fully reimbursed for the reservation. The conference is taking place this year as an on-line meeting and I got re-invited. However, when trying to register, I found that the fees were the same as last year. And did not see the point, given the possibility of delivering a high quality virtual conference for free!, except to support SIAM. Hence withdrew my participation to the meeting, which was not particularly high on my list anyway… (On the same day I received another invitation for an Insurance conference, but they got me confused with my namesake!)

3 Responses to “why should I pay $350 for an on-line conference?!”

  1. Dennis Prangle Says:

    I also pulled out of SIAM-CSE for the same reason!

    A colleague tells me that MCM2021 this summer will also have no registration fee, though I can’t spot this on the website yet – https://www.uni-mannheim.de/mcm-2021/

  2. Sadly, CMStatistics is also charging 320 pounds, same price for online & onsite participation

    • As noted earlier, I have always been of the opinion that the CMStatistics network was primarily a for-profit structure (with Elsevier in the picture, not a major surprise!). Which is why I only attended once.

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