GR²⁰ [at last!]

On the last day of our vacations in Corsica, we hiked a little bit of the mythical GR20, a hiking trail that crosses Corsica from North-West (Calenzana) to South-East (Conca), with fabulous landscapes and difficult paths. I had bought the guide book for this trail in the late 70’s, hoping for a completion in the subsequent years, but this was actually my very first hike on it!

The hike to the Lavu di Nino from Poppaghia was not particularly difficult, with only a short section involving minor scrambling and a 700m climb over 5 kilometers, arriving at the nice lake with its pozzine ponds and free ranging cows and horses, under the noon sun.

From there, the prospect of climbing down the abrupt section was somewhat daunting, so my wife and daughter continued on the GR20 instead, going up an extra 100m and then down 500m over 10km of so.

During our break at the lake, an civil defence helicopter made a landing nearby, presumably to rescue a hiker injured on the trail or incapacitated by the unreasonable heat. Since our car was parked at the beginning of our hike, I ran down back there, drove to the junction with the GR20, and ran up to meet with my daughter, then my wife, after two hours, only to turn back and return to the car with them.This was a very enjoyable conclusion to our trip, with great views and spectacular trees in the forested parts. Making me hope I could return under more clement weather, eg in winter!

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