promises, misses

The French presidential elections are in two weeks four days and it sounds like a secondary issue, given the current state of the Universe! Incl. Russian massacres in Ukraine and Mali… Today Last week’s Le Monde had a comparative list of programs and promises for all twelve candidates, some of which I found hilariously absurd, in a sort of surrealist poem:

  • abolish presidential elections
  • abolish regions
  • abolish bank privacy
  • abolish State medical aid (AME)
  • abolish public debt for European countries
  • abolish tax evasion
  • abolish foreign language initiation in primary schools
  • abolish student selection by universities
  • create a French Google
  • create a French State microprocessor company
  • create five State museums abroad
  • create a Civil Code for animals
  • disassemble all existing wind turbines and prohibit new ones
  • expel jobless aliens
  • free all political prisoners
  • increase birds by 10%
  • nationalise all forests larger than 20 hectares
  • open a prison in the Kerguelen Islands for terrorist prisoners
  • prohibit concrete
  • prohibit overtime
  • prohibit horse meat
  • prohibit layoffs
  • prohibit political judges unions
  • prohibit ideological teaching at school
  • reduce parking tickets to 17€
  • recruit 90,000 (10%) new teachers
  • support stable cryptocurrencies
  • terminate the obsession with inclusion
  • train 500,000 extra code developers

(The challenge being to identify which candidate(s) supports which measure.)

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