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[de]quarantined by slideshare

January 11, 2021

A follow-up episode to the SlideShare m’a tuer [sic] saga: After the 20 November closure of my xianblog account and my request for an explanation, I was told by Linkedin that a complaint has been made about one of my talks for violation of copyright. Most surprisingly, at least at first, it was about the […]

quarantined by slideshare

November 26, 2020

Just found out that SlideShare has closed my account for “violating SlideShare Terms of Service”! As I have no further detail (and my xianblog account is inaccessible) I have contacted SlideShare to get an explanation for this inexplicable cancellation and hopefully (??) can argue my case. If not the hundred plus slide presentations that were […]


August 31, 2012

Here is an email from SlideShare I received yesterday: Hi xianblog, Congrats! Your documents on SlideShare have had 100,000 views. Wow! You must be doing something right. Only an exceptionally few reach this milestone. Find out where your viewers are coming from. Sign up for one month free trial of SlideShare PRO account. I wonder […]

slideshare m’a tuer…

November 16, 2011

This afternoon, I completely botched my talk at the workshop “Méthodes de Monte Carlo pour les problèmes inverses bayésiens en traitement des signaux et des images” thanks to a weird mishap on slideshare. As Og’s readers are aware,  I am a big fan of slideshare as a public depository for my slides. However, when I […]

2009 hits on Slideshare

January 22, 2010

Got this in the mail today: Hi , It is always exciting to bring in a new year. Taking a look back, here’s a quick summary of your year on SlideShare, in 2009. In 2009, you uploaded 21 presentations and got: *  7747 views *  369 average views per presentation *  3 favorites *  2 […]