I am a professor of Statistics at both Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France, and University of Warwick, Coventry, United Kingdom, with a definitely unhealthy but so far not fatal) fascination for mountains and (easy) climbing, in particular for Scotland in Winter, an almost-daily run, and a reading list mainly centred at fantasy books… Plus an addiction to bloggin since 2008! Hence the categories on this blog (or ‘og, because ‘log and b’og did not sound good). The Statistics posts does mainly focus on computational and Bayesian topics, on papers or preprints I find of interest (or worth criticising), and on the (not so) occasional trip abroad to a research centre or to a conference.

Needless to say (?), this blog is not approved by, supported by, or in any other way affiliated with the Université Paris Dauphine, CREST-INSEE, Universitty of warwick, or any other organization, and it only reflects my opinions. This is also one of the reasons why it is posted on wordpress rather than on my University webpage, another one being that wordpress provides an handy (if sometimes slow) tool for editing blogs…

6 Responses to “About”

  1. […] research is a collaboration with Christian Robert, Kerrie Mengersen, Chris Drovandi and Antonietta […]

  2. I genuinely enjoy reading your blog. Statistics bas always been quite boring and… detached. Then computers fixed it.

    Keep up the good stuff!


  3. […] math classes. Speaking of American math education, kids in the U.S. who like math should envy Christian Robert‘s daughter, who is learning Monte Carlo integration in the equivalent of American tenth […]

  4. Igor Carron pointed out to me that your feed is not displayed correctly on mathblogging.org . This seems to be due to some non-utf8 part of your feed-xml (at least that’s what chrome tells me — I couldn’t find the actual culprit).

    In any case, if you have the time to fix it, that’d be great!

    • Peter, thank you for contacting me, this problem with non utf-8 characters already happened once with R-bloggers. In each case, a cut and paste from pdf documents introduced an fi ligature that I did not spot. I have removed an in#nity entry in the Semi-automatic ABC [revised] post, hope this solves the issue. Thanks!

  5. Jose Iparraguirre Says:

    I’m trying to use mapvariable (in R’s SpatialEpi package) but I can’t change the default grey colours. I’ve noticed that you managed to do that (A quantum leap (CoRe in CiRM [4]) – posted on July 13), but the link to your ‘modified mapvariable’ is corrupted.
    Could you please send me the code to change the colours in the plots rendered with the mapvariable function?


    Jose Iparraguirre
    Chief Economist
    Age UK
    1268 London Road
    London SW16 4ER
    United Kingdom

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