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EMS 2023, Warsaw

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Stochastic Numerics and Statistical Learning

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This week, I am taking part in the Stochastic Numerics and Statistical Learning workshop, in KAUST, which should prove an interesting experience!

Italy no-no’s

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The Lonely Planet blog has a list of prohibitions on tourists’ activities when visiting some Italian cities. Like Venice, Rome or Milan (below). Most of which is sort of obvious, like not walking around shirtless or barefoot away from beaches, feed the pigeons (although our kids did when visiting Venice for the first time!), hold picnics in busy areas, sit on the Rialto Bridge or the Spanish steps, ride a bike in Venezia!, swim in Trevi Fountain or a Venezia canalo (although kayaking remains allowed outside main canals and working hours), or steal sands from beaches. Some are less predictable, like eating in the street in Florence centre, dress up like an historical (Roman) figure, or wear sandals when hiking. (For the latest one, I got scolded last January when hiking to a waterfall in the Northern tip of Martinique, if not by the police!)


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French coast

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