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semi-automatic ABC [reply]

June 5, 2012

When I came back from LGM2012 in Trondheim, I found the latest issue of Series B on my desk. It is much thicker than in “my” days, with about 250 pages in this June 2012 issue! (One reason is that it contains two Read Papers with their discussions, amounting to 110 pages of the journal.) […]

Discussions on semi-automatic ABC [arXived]

January 9, 2012

I have now collated eight discussions of the Read Paper by Paul Fearnhead and Dennis Prangle from various contributors and places (even though there is a strong French component). It has been compiled into an arXiv document as on earlier occasions. What took me the better part of one late hour was to remember to […]

Discussions on semi-automatic ABC [deadline]

January 4, 2012

The deadline for the discussions on the talk by Paul Fearnhead and Dennis Prangle is next Monday, so all potential discussants are invited to send their 400 word piece to the Royal Statistical Society. I have now written two discussions along most of the points I had prepared, for my oral discussion.  I am now […]

semi-automatic ABC

December 17, 2011

The talk of Wednesday afternoon Ordinary Meeting of the Royal Statistical Society went on quite well, I think. I would have expected a few more people (in general) and some specific people (in particular) but this being the last week of term the schedule was not the best of times. Paul Fearnhead gave the talk, […]

Semi-automatic ABC [discussion draft]

November 3, 2011

Tomorrow, we hold a local seminar at CREST about the incoming Read Paper on December 14 by Paul Fearnhead and Dennis Prangle. I have already commented the paper in several posts (here and there), so here are my slides to summarise the paper and to introduce the discussion. I hope we can produce several submitted […]