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JSM 2015 [day #4]

August 13, 2015

My first session today was Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Contemporary Statistical Applications with a heap of interesting directions in MCMC research! Now, without any possible bias (!), I would definitely nominate Murray Pollock (incidentally from Warwick) as the winner for best slides, funniest presentation, and most enjoyable accent! More seriously, the scalable Langevin algorithm he developed with […]

JSM 2014, Boston [#2]

August 7, 2014

Day #2 at JSM started quite early as I had to be on site by 7am for the CHANCE editors breakfast. No running then, except to Porter metro station. Interesting exchange full of new ideas to keep the journal cruising. In particular, a call for proposals on special issues on sexy topics (reproducible research anyone? […]

JSM2014, Boston

December 3, 2013

I submitted my abstract for JSM2014, just in time! Thanks to Veronika Rockova, now at The Wharton School, for organising this IMS session on Advances in Model Selection (Wednesday, 8/6/2014, 8:30)! itle: Automated variable selection for ABC algorithms Abstract: We discuss here recent advances made in the selection of summaries for approximate Bayesian computation (ABC). […]

JSM 2011 [reflections]

August 5, 2011

The meeting is now over and I should be busy packing rather than writing this post. This has been a highly busy week, with many meetings on the side, while working at night by refraining from fighting jetlag (as usual), so I should also let things rest rather than letting a sort of post-meeting melancholia […]

JSM [4]

August 3, 2011

A new day at JSM 2011, admittedly not as tense as Monday, but still full. After a long run in the early hours when I took this picture, I started the day with the Controversies in the philosophy of Bayesian statistics with Jim Berger and Andrew Gelman, Rob Kass and Cosma Shalizi being unable to […]