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Savage-Dickey to be revised

April 6, 2010

Last night, I received the very nice news from the Electronic Journal of Statistics that our paper on the Savage-Dickey paradox was in for revision. One referee recommended acceptance as is and the second referee asked for more details and examples in order to broaden the audience. All reports are very nice and consistent with […]

Savage-Dickey [talk]

March 19, 2010

Here are the slides for the Savage-Dickey paradox paper that I gave in San Antonio this morning: (Any suspected coincidence of the first part with earlier talks is for real!) I have tried to spell out as clearly as possible in the second part the issues of version choices that are at the core of […]

Savage-Dickey re-rejected

January 17, 2010

This morning I found this email in my mailbox, Dear colleague, I regret to inform you that your abstract has not been chosen for a talk.  We had 164 submissions for only 36 talks, so the competition was quite high and many good abstracts were not able to be selected. We thank you for your […]

Savage-Dickey rejected

January 16, 2010

Our Savage-Dickey paper has been rejected by the Annals of Statistics, for being too obscure. I completely understand the Editor’s perspective that this resolution of ours has very little bearing on statistical practice and on the community as a whole (“the readership at large”, as I used to write for Series B). But I fear […]

On resolving the Savage-Dickey paradox

November 16, 2009

After a long month of polishing our explanations and adding a full-scale comparison with the solution of Verdinelli and Wasserman (1995). we have now completed (and rearXived) our rewriting of the paper on the Savage-Dickey paradox. And we eventually made the submission to the Annals of Statistics, with the hope that the mix of measure-theory […]