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Argentan, 30th and 17th and 7th edition(s)

October 2, 2015

When I started the ‘Og, in 2008, I was about to run the 23rd edition of the Argentan half-marathon… Seven years later, I am once again getting ready for the race, after a rather good training season, between the mountains of the North Cascade and the track of Malakoff. with the last week in England, […]

Argentan half-marathon [1 25′ 02″ – 29/503 – V2: 3/104 – 19°C]

October 5, 2014

A rather comparable race in Argentan with last year, with exactly the same time, a similar weather (a bit too hot and too windy), and a lack of pack for half of the race that again saw me running by myself the whole second half. This was my iXXth Argentan half-marathon. I started a bit […]

Argentan half-marathon [split times]

October 7, 2013

Argentan half-marathon [1 25′ 00″ – 31/552 – V2: 3/129 – 19°C]

October 6, 2013

This race was a tough one, ending up with more than a minute lost from last year… Not so much because of the weather conditions (a bit too hot and too windy), but because of the lack of pack for much of the race that saw me running by myself with no-one near. I tried […]

Argentan, 28th and 15th edition(s)

October 5, 2013

Here we are again, back to the starting blocks of this ‘Og, for the 28th edition of the Argentan half-marathon… After a reasonable training season, only interrupted by the flu two weeks ago, I am about to leave for my 15th half-marathon there. As always, many parameters will impact both my pace and my position […]