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The BUGS book

November 16, 2012

While there are already several books about BUGS and WinBUGS on the market, e.g. the one by Ioannis Ntzoufras I reviewed a while ago, I was quite pleased to discover in the mail today that CRC Press had sent me a copy of The BUGS Book, written by no-one else but the parents of the […]

Bayesian modeling using WinBUGS

November 7, 2011

Yes, yet another Bayesian textbook: Ioannis Ntzoufras’ Bayesian modeling using WinBUGS was published in 2009 and it got an honourable mention at the 2009 PROSE Award. (Nice acronym for a book award! All the mathematics books awarded that year were actually statistics books.) Bayesian modeling using WinBUGS is rather similar to the more recent Bayesian […]

Bugs [genuine]

July 22, 2010

Nothing related with programming, I am afraid! Just a few bugs visiting my passion vine… I find the green bugs quite interesting with their back “engravings”, even though they are most likely pests …

genuine Latinsquare rectangle

June 9, 2021

more air for MCMC

May 30, 2021

Aki Vehtari, Andrew Gelman, Dan Simpson, Bob Carpenter, and Paul-Christian Bürkner have just published a Bayesian Analysis paper about using an improved R factor for MCMC convergence assessment. From the early days of MCMC, convergence assessment has been a recurring (and recurrent!) question in the community. First leading to a flurry of proposals, [which Kerrie, […]