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impressions from Princeton

April 6, 2012

This one-day trip to Princeton was quite profitable thanks to the exchanges I had with the members of the econometrics department there. In particular, I really appreciated the interactive way the Gregory Chow seminar was run and the way the audience got quickly focused on the central issue of ABC, namely running inference under limited […]

Cambridge blue

March 18, 2012

No, this is not a signal for post-partum depression, even though I really enjoyed my time there!, but the title of a book I  got almost for free while in Cambridge Waterstone’s, at the desk as I was paying for The Alloy of Law (also on reduced price, thankfully!) and a Trollope I had not […]

A Vein of Deceit

January 7, 2012

An aptly chosen title: for the second time in a row, I am fairly disappointed with a Susanna Gregory‘s Chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew… It may be that, was I to re-read the first chronicles, I would get similarly unhappy about the enormous suspension of disbelief required by the novels. “`And this pair will insist on […]

The Devil’s Disciples

May 8, 2010

`Magic?’ echoed Bartholomew warily. `Do you really believe in this sort of things?’ I have finished my fourteenth chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew, The Devil’s Disciples, and this one seems to be the most disappointing of all! Maybe it is getting harder and harder for the author, Susanna Gregory, to find good plots and to sustain […]

Company of Liars

May 11, 2009

This weekend was another long weekend (for Friday was also a bank holiday) and so I took the opportunity to read a book brought back from my last trip to England, Company of Liars, bought mostly because it was on sale at the Kensington Waterstone’s (and also because Susanna Gregory’s Matthew Bartholomew novels made me […]