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the demise of the Bayes factor

December 8, 2014

With Kaniav Kamary, Kerrie Mengersen, and Judith Rousseau, we have just arXived (and submitted) a paper entitled “Testing hypotheses via a mixture model”. (We actually presented some earlier version of this work in Cancũn, Vienna, and Gainesville, so you may have heard of it already.) The notion we advocate in this paper is to replace […]

Elsevier in the frontline

January 27, 2017

“Viewed this way, the logo represents, in classical symbolism, the symbiotic relationship between publisher and scholar. The addition of the Non Solus inscription reinforces the message that publishers, like the elm tree, are needed to provide sturdy support for scholars, just as surely as scholars, the vine, are needed to produce fruit. Publishers and scholars […]

another borderline conference

June 25, 2015

Following yesterday’s surprise at the unpleasant conference business run by WASET, I was once again confronted today with conference fees that sound like an unacceptable siphoning of research funds and public money. One of my PhD students got earlier personally invited to present a talk at EUSIPCO 2015, a European signal processing conference taking place in […]

statistical modelling of citation exchange between statistics journals

April 10, 2015

Cristiano Varin, Manuela Cattelan and David Firth (Warwick) have written a paper on the statistical analysis of citations and index factors, paper that is going to be Read at the Royal Statistical Society next May the 13th. And hence is completely open to contributed discussions. Now, I have written several entries on the ‘Og about […]

news from Elsevier

July 4, 2012

Here is an email I got today from Elsevier: We are pleased to present the latest Impact Factors for Elsevier’s Mathematics and Statistics journals. Statistics and Probability Letters 0.498 Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 0.716 Journal of Multivariate Analysis 0.879 Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 1.028 So there are very few journals published by Elsevier […]