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41ièmes Foulées de Malakoff [5k, 7⁰C, 18:40, 40th & 2nd V2]

Posted in Running with tags , , , , on February 7, 2015 by xi'an

[Warning: post of limited interest to most, about a local race I ran for another year!]

Once more, I managed to run my annual 5k in Malakof. And once again being (barely) there on the day of the race. Having landed a few hours earlier from Birmingham. Due to traffic and road closures, I arrived very later in Malakoff and could not warm up as usual, or even squeeze to the first rows on the starting line. Given those handicaps, I still managed in getting close to my best time of last year (18:40 vs. 18:36). I alas finished second in my V2 category, just a few meters behind the first V2 and definitely catching up on him! My INSEE Paris Club team won the company challenge for yet another year. Repeating a pattern of now many years.

40ièmes Foulées de Malakoff [5k, 7⁰C, 18:36, 13th & 1st V2]

Posted in Kids, Running with tags , , , , on February 5, 2014 by xi'an

(Warning: post of limited interest to anyone there, as I am posting about a local race I ran!)

Once more, I managed to run my annual 5k in Malakoff, having recovered from my Chamonix flu earlier and better than last year. And being (barely) around on the day of the race. I actually succeeded in achieving my best time over several years (3:41-3:47-3:41-3:43-3:43, for a total time of 18:36.) I also finished first in my V2 category, a feat I was far from expecting. The light training last week in Warwick eventually did help for such a short distance at a faster pace! And my INSEE Paris Club team won the company challenge for yet another year. Repeating last year setting, I was furthermore running the race with my daughter, who ended third ex-aequo with a friend. 

Here is a picture of the race start, already in the Lenin stadium (Malakoff may be the last town in France to enjoy a Lenin stadium!), but before WWII…

marathon de Toulouse

Posted in Running with tags , , , , , , on October 27, 2013 by xi'an

Congratulations to Jean-Michel Marin, running his very first marathon in Toulouse this morning! I presume this is in part due to my bad influence, just like George Casella started me running road races (with the World famous Happy Hollow 5K in West Lafayette!)…

39ièmes Foulées de Malakoff

Posted in Running with tags , , , , on February 17, 2013 by xi'an

I ran my annual 5k in Malakoff on Saturday, recovering from my flu in a much milder climate than last year. Thanks to the flu, I was out of breath after the first K and did poorly (3:38-3:58-3:53-4:00-3:54, ending in 19:26…) I still finished second in my V2 category. This was the first time I was running a race with my daughter, who also finished second (and last!) in her category. (It was about 15 degrees (C) warmer than last year and I think it helped towards fighting the leftovers of the flu! The radio was playing the 6th Brandenburg concerto again, on the way back. Groundhog Day syndroms…?!)

No Gertrude Cox 5k in Vancouver!

Posted in Running, University life with tags , , , , , on June 16, 2010 by xi'an

I got the news this morning

“We will not be having the race this year due to the difficulty in finding a place and a group to set up the race.”

which means I will not compete in the 21st Gertrude Cox 5k. Very sad, as I was looking forward to it… Of course there is an attractive ultra-marathon (55k!) at the same time but this is out of my league! (Brad Carlin told me there will not be a ski race at MCM’Ski III either for insurrance reaons. How disappointing!) There is nonetheless a 10k in Squamish, starting at 8:30 in Squamish on Sunday August 1st. Sounds attractive as I also plan to go cimbing there…!

5k (-2c)

Posted in Running with tags , , on February 13, 2010 by xi'an

I survived my 5k race today in Malakoff despite a cold wind that lowered the temperature way below the forecasted -2C… Taking off my long pants and my sweater to run with a single layer thus required some mental arguing!!! Unsurprisingly, I did not end with a great time, 18:52 (18:59 official time), but this was to be expected given my two weeks of 35mn footing per day with no split session. I thus ran the 5k at my regular speed … for a semi-marathon! Good training anyway for the climb two weeks from now in Scotland. My next race in sight is the 5k in Robinson where I started to hurt last year. If it does not take place during the Warwick meting… (I just checked and it does!)

Back on tracks

Posted in Running with tags , , , , on February 11, 2010 by xi'an

After resting for almost four months, I thought it was time for a test about the recovery of my legs towards a new year of running. So about two weeks ago I started a new cycle of soft training, with a maximum of 45 minutes per session and no fast session so far. The result is that I feel much better, less tired, and that my sciatica pain has not increased a bit. (Plus, running back in the local park gets me to see unusual birds due to a cold spell (like a heron, a grebe and a couple of cormorans… Ans also red squirrels which I thought were hibernating!) I will run a local 5K race on Saturday to check about a faster pace (if slower than last summer, for sure!). And to join again my fellow runners from the Insee Paris Club (IPC)!


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