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One of the movies I watched during my hospitalisation is detachment, by Tony Kaye, with Adrian Brody as the lead actor. My daughter brought it to me as she remembered I was interested in it. detachment is a strong and highly original movie about the U.S. school system and the complete lack of prospects for the students in deprived suburbs. I have seen several movies of that kind in the past, some of them rather good and keeping away from the fairy tale that an exceptional teacher is enough to rescue a class cohort or even a single student from a bleak future. This one is however the most pessimistic of all, with no happy ending of any sort (except for the last minute that should have been cut). The plot is not flawless, e.g. the main teacher redemption of the young prostitute being just too unrealistic, but the burnout of the teachers, the newspeak preaching of the administration, the nihilism of the high school students, the bullying of unusual students, and the complete absolute absence of the parents (unless I am confused we only see one [screaming] mother once, no parent shows up at parents’ night and the bullying father is only a voice…) make up for those flaws. Adrian Brody is delivering a superb performance in a great movie, sadly about a terrible issue with our educational system(s)…

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