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WSC 2[0]11

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I have now registered for the WSC 2011 conference and I am looking forward the first day of talks tomorrow. Especially since, reading from the abstracts to the talks, it sounds as if many participants have a different understanding of the word simulation than I have. (I had the same impression this summer when taking part in a half-day of talks in Lancaster.) I am however slightly worried at having prepared my (advanced) tutorial for the right crowd, being unable to judge the background of the audience. Some of the talks are highly technical, others seem much more elementary… (I spent the whole night and morning, except for a fairly long and great run in the hills at sunrise, collating and adapting my slides from my graduate course and from different talks. The outcome is on slideshare.)

Grand Canyon [plus haze]

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The flight from Salt Lake City to Phoenix today was also uneventful, except for the incredible views it provided! This was the first time I was near the Grand Canyon and the sheer scale of it is definitely impressive. Unfortunately, it was more hazy than I thought (or my Coolpix S3100 camera is even poorer than I thought), but the pictures all came hazy…. Maybe will I get a second chance for better pictures on Tuesday when flying to Minneapolis (and then to London).

I am now at the conference resort, a puzzling place surrounded by a golf course and a huge park (and far enough from anything else to require a car!). A striking coincidence is that I got the same room number (311) as in Salt Lake City (“not that anyone cares…”, TBBT.3.3)

WSC 2011, Phoenix

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WSC stands for Winter Simulation Conference. I was not aware of those conferences that have been running since 1971 but I have been invited to give a tutorial on simulation in statistics at the 2011 edition of WSC in Phoenix, Arizona. Since it means meeting a completely new community of people using simulation, mostly outside statistics, I accepted the invitation and will thus spend a few days in December in Arizona… (If the culture gap proves too wide, I can always bike, run, or even climb in South Mountain Park!) In connection with this tutorial, I was requested to write a short paper that I just posted on arXiv. There is not much originality in the survey as it is mostly inspired from older chapters written for handbooks. I wished I had more space to cover particle MCMC in a few pages but 12 pages was the upper limit.