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Being freshly elected ASA Fellow (yay!), I just received the list of 2012 ASA Fellows. Among whose, let me mention

  • Sudipto Banerjee, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, elected “For theoretical, methodological and applied research in spatiotemporal statistical modeling, especially as applied to problems in environmetrics, ecology, occupational health, agriculture and economics, for professional work at the local and national levels and for editorial service to the profession.”
  • Thomas Lumley, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, elected “For outstanding contributions to statistical theory and practice; for influential collaborations benefiting many important scientific studies; and for implementation of new methodology through the R system and the development of specialist software packages.”
  • Bhramar Mukherjee, University of Michigan, Department of Biostatistics, Ann Arbor, Michigan, elected “For influential research on Bayesian methods for analysis of gene-environment interactions and data generated under case-control and outcome dependent sampling mechanisms, for insightful consulting and collaboration with genetic scientists, for superb teaching and mentoring of both majors and non-majors of biostatistics, and for steadfast service to the profession.”
  • Marc A. Suchard, UCLA, Los Angeles, California, elected “For his wide-ranging, insightful and influential contributions to computational statistics, stochastic processes, Bayesian modeling and computing, evolutionary medicine, bioinformatics, and computational biology; for innovative models and contributions to the analysis of phylogeny, alignment, gene transfer and phylogeography.”
  • Thaddeus Tarpey, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, elected “For influential contributions to statistical research and applications, particularly in the areas of multivariate analysis and for excellence in teaching and dissemination of statistical knowledge.”
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