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A colloquium to mark the retiral of Mike Titterington

Posted in Mountains, Statistics, Travel, University life with tags , , , on May 20, 2011 by xi'an

At the end of the month, I will fly to Glasgow to celebrate a longtime (if still young!) friend’s retirement (or retiral in Scotland), namely Mike Titterington. Following an earlier encounter with his book on mixtures, I met Mike in person in 1994, I believe, in Luminy, and it has been a pleasure to visit and work with him in Glasgow since then. (He is also responsible for my Scottophilia, if anyone’s to blame!) It  is difficult to believe Mike is already retiring, but I fear I will be repeating this sentence for other friends more and more along the coming years… Unless retirement is abolished along the way! The program of the May 31st colloquium (deadline for registration is today! contact Kathleen Mosson if interested) is as follows, with my talk being close to the one I gave in Zurich:

10.00 Welcome
Prof. John McColl, Head of Statistics
Prof. John Chapman, Head of the College of Science and Engineering

10.15 Prof. Peter Hall, University of Melbourne
Modelling the variability of rankings

11.15 Tea and coffee

11.45 Prof. Christian Robert, Université Paris-Dauphine
ABC methods for Bayesian model choice

12.45 Buffet lunch

2.00 Prof. Byron Morgan, University of Kent
Determining the parametric structure of models

2.40 Prof. Peter Green, University of Bristol
Identifying influential model choices in Bayesian hierarchical models

3.20 Prof. Adrian Bowman, University of Glasgow
Statistics with a human face

4.00 Tea, coffee and cake

I am afraid there is little chance the dinner will take place at my favourite Glasgow restaurant, Ashoka, but one can still hope.

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