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Bayesian biostatistics in Lyon 2019

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just in case your summer of British conferences is not yet fully-booked…

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biostatistician postdoc in stratified medicine with genomics

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Another postdoctoral offer:jobxord


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books for review (in CHANCE)

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Among the books I received for review in CHANCE, here are some neither I nor my “usual suspects” had enough time or interest in to review:

If you would like to review one of those books, send me an email.with some reference/bio and your mailing address. Be warned though that I will decide on a completely arbitrary way (a) on the chosen reviewers and (b) whether or not to publish a proposed review! (The reviewer keeps the book, as a rule.)

ISBA [officially] on drugs

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Following a call in June for sponsoring a new ISBA section on biostatistics and pharmaceutical statistics, relayed by this blog, the process has now reached its natural conclusion and ISBA/BioPharm is now an official session of ISBA! It is quite straightforward to become a (founding) member, just one click away… Just to borrow from the initial call:

An important aspect of biostat and pharmaceutical statistics is the presence of strong communities in academics, industry and government agencies. We hope that the new section will play an important role in connecting folks across these different communities and giving a platform to related intiatives. The initial officers of the section are

*  Section chair: Donald A. Berry (Term: August 2012-December 2014)
*  Program chair: Telba Z. Irony (Term: July 2012-December 2013)
*  Secretary: Peter Mueller (Term: July 2012-December 2014)
*  Treasurer: Kathryn Chaloner (Term: July 2012-December 2013)

Please join now to participate in the first election this October of the new chair elect!  Lifetime memberships are $200 while annual memberships are $10. All new memberships after September 1 will be extended until Dec 31, 2013!

Note that we should pretty soon be allowed to announce a similar creation for BayesComp, the computational Bayes section of ISBA!

Biostat/Pharma is coming to ISBA [guest post]

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This post is written by Julien Cornebise :

Along with Telba Irony, Peter Mueller, and Gary Rosner, I have the pleasure to be co-founding a dedicated Biostat/Pharma section of ISBA.

Its aim is to help network and federate under a common well-known “brand” the many initiatives to spread Bayesian methods and ideas in Biostats and Pharmacological stats: for example workshops, short courses, continuing education, sessions within larger conferences, etc.

We also want to help bridge academic and industry in this regard: there are plenty of people on both sides with excellent ideas and stimulating problems, and we think that such an ISBA’s section could help connecting them.

You can already sign the opening petition: we aim to have this section open by the end of the summer. Besides, I will be in ISBA 2012 in Kyoto next week: if you have questions, suggestions, or existing initiatives that could benefit from this branding, I will be glad to meet with yoi!

Post-scriptum: to sign the opening petition, you need to already be or become an ISBA member (50 USD, much worth it!)