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Statistics month in Marseilles (CIRM)

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Calanque de Morgiou, Marseille, July 7, 2010Next February, the fabulous Centre International de Recherche en Mathématiques (CIRM) in Marseilles, France, will hold a Statistics month, with the following programme over five weeks

Each week will see minicourses of a few hours (2-3) and advanced talks, leaving time for interactions and collaborations. (I will give one of those minicourses on Bayesian foundations.) The scientific organisers of the B’ week are Gilles Celeux and Nicolas Chopin.

The CIRM is a wonderful meeting place, in the mountains between Marseilles and Cassis, with many trails to walk and run, and hundreds of fantastic climbing routes in the Calanques at all levels. (In February, the sea is too cold to contemplate swimming. The good side is that it is not too warm to climb and the risk of bush fire is very low!) We stayed there with Jean-Michel Marin a few years ago when preparing Bayesian Essentials. The maths and stats library is well-provided, with permanent access for quiet working sessions. This is the French version of the equally fantastic German Mathematik Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach. There will be financial support available from the supporting societies and research bodies, at least for young participants and the costs if any are low, for excellent food and excellent lodging. Definitely not a scam conference!

Ten stars for CiRM

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Along those two weeks in CiRM, among what I particularly appreciated there:

  1. the accessibility of the math library around the clock,
  2. the peace and seclusion of the CiRM buildings, far away from town, with hardly a car around, no driving for a week, students on vacations, and only the timbales of cicadas as a background noise,
  3. the availability of the helpful staff, whether for ordering books not in the library, arranging a special meal, or locating a climbing site,
  4. the [admittedly Spartan] studios provided by CiRM for long term visitors like us, with wireless connections and enough room for a small family,
  5. the background scenery of Mont Puget and of the Calanques national park,
  6. the multiple trails starting from the Centre, offering running opportunities for every [early] morning,
  7. the hundreds of fully equipped climbing routes in the Calanques, the nearest ones being 20 minutes from the Centre,
  8. an evening swim in Calanque de Morgiou, with hardly anyone around and incredibly warm water, followed by a fritura of small fish in the local and unique restaurant,
  9. a great bouillabaisse in CiRM, along with other good meals ([that I had to skip after a while!], and another one in the last fisherman district of Marseille, thanks to Michel’s hospitality (along with an incredible 1976 Monbazillac!),
  10. and, last but not least, the complete availability of my coauthor, Jean-Michel! (Which was the point in asking for a research in pair support in the first place!)
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